About Teamer

Teamer is an online group management system created and designed to take the hassle out of managing any sports team or club. Founded by a unique mix of internet professionals with extensive experience of club administration at both the competitive and social level, Teamer significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to get your club online and your team's on the field.

Manage a team?

Whether you’re a captain, a manager or a coach, Teamer will make your life easier. The application was born out of the experience of team leaders just like you. Why should getting a team on the field take dozens of phone calls and emails?

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Part of a Club?

Keep your club members and fans up-to-date with your very own personalised website. Customise your colours, add your club crest, publish news articles and manage your club's calendar, plus much more.

TEAMER is a part of the Pitchero Group

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